Metro Mixed Bag

Regularly the Average Fisherman crew makes it’s way to the pristine waters of the Perth Metro area to fish in the early morning to bag a healthy protein rich lunch.


  • Rod: Shimano Beastmaster X Travel 9′ 4-8kg
  • Reel: Shimano Sienna FD 4000
  • Line: 20lb Mongrel Braid
  • Leader: Black Magic 30lb Flurocarbon


Maybe you noticed I am using a travel rod for this trip. That’s because waking up at 3am to go fishing requires biking to the beach to really “wake you up”. The rod I’m using is extremely comfortable to use and fits snug into my bag so I’m not biking around like a maniac, stabbing people with my fishing rod.

Summer is the time we hit the reef to go smash Tailor, herring and the occasional octopus in the potholes. We only get access the reef in the summer as the tides and swell are low enough for the reef to be safely walked on. Having little to no wind is also a requirement however the Tailor do like it a little rougher so, often it is difficult to judge whether it is rough enough but not too rough to be able to catch a feed without getting swept away by the swell. It’s kind of a sweet spot type thing and it does come with experience.

On the day we went the water was clear and the swell was down with a low easterly blowing out towards sea. As the sunrise from the East warmed our backs as we cast baits on floats into the blue water. It doesn’t take long when the Tailor are on the bite and they sure were that day. You can manage to catch lunch plus a couple more meals in no time. Tailor fight very well on light rods and reels but the reef sometimes gets you into trouble. My heavier outfit is just enough to control them but also to enjoy the occasional bend of the rod and click of the drag. I think that’s one of the things I really enjoy about fishing; figuring out what kind of tackle to use in which situation. Experience leads to perfection as represented in this case.




Its March now and the three fish below are Juvenile Australian Salmon. We were extremely surprised by this as Salmon this time of the year are in South Australia. My best explanation is that when the annual migration occurs, the spawn from last year made residence in the metro waters of Perth. One can only hope that’s a good sign for a great salmon season to come for Western Australia.


Each of these Salmon were about 35cm. 

It surely is extraordinary being able to bike down to your local beach and supply yourself to the freshest seafood you’re ever going to get. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this kind of fishing.


Stay tuned for another blog on this same spot where I catch a feed of octopus using technique not so commonly used. In the mean time I hope you enjoyed the blog and are able to wet a line wherever you are. Please follow my blog to keep up with the latest and check out my cookbook I am frantically trying to fill out to the best of my ‘Master-chef’ ability. Also sorry about the overload of writing and the drought to photos. Gotta learn to include more pictures so you guys can get a better idea.

Tight Lines! – Josh

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