Hand Grabbing Octopus

Quite a small blog due to the lack of pictures. As said on numerous other blogs, I am struggling to get photos in when I’m fishing due to the adrenaline rush during the actual catch and the fact that I’m still waiting to gather some funds for a good camera.



Summer days are the best to get out early morning while the temperatures are still bearable and gather the key ingredient to a refreshing summer salad which should look a little like this…


Octopus live in little potholes and ledges in the reef system that we frequently fish off. After our fun with Tailor and Herring, we clean them and use some rope, tie the heads of the fish to the string and dangle them into the many holes of the reef.

Every so often once lowered into the holes and caves a small arm or two come creeping out trying to feel the tasty snack. That’s prime time! A quick grab of the hand and from then on it’s hold on to the Occy and drag it out towards the surface.

This technique works best with gloves as they can sometimes suction onto your whole arm. A friend caught a monster Octopus once and the thing grabbed onto his whole arm and stayed on there for quite some time. The end result were about 100 ‘hickies’ on his arm which remained on there for a couple of hours. I would definitely advise to take care and not get bit. Their mouths or ‘beaks’ as you would call them are extremely sharp and would definitely draw some blood.

So when you actually catch one… either grab a knife and insert it between the eyes or use the ancient Greek technique of biting it between the eyes. This technique is not so ‘tasty’ but it’s actually quite effective.

When practised and executed well, Octopus fishing can be quite a joy and it’s not hard to bag a feed if you’re in the right spot.

About an hours worth of fresh octopus, cleaned and ready to pickle. 


Hope you enjoyed this quick read. Will be posting a mouthwatering Pickled Octopus with Greek Salad recipe in the following weeks again with hopefully a couple more pictures. See you soon!

Tight Lines – Josh

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